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Get extra cash paid directly to you if you’re faced with a critical illness, and maintain your lifestyle through the illness…. Protect the life you’ve built for you and your family in the event of a heart attack, stroke, cancer or other covered illness.

When critical illness is on your mind, your finances shouldn’t be. With the Critical Illness Cash Plan, a critical illness insurance policy, you can depend on a cash payment of up to $50,000 for every covered illness. The check is sent right to you or the person you name. So you can use the money for any expense, including out-of-pocket medical costs, transportation or even child care. Think of it as your safety net in case the unexpected occurs.

Choose the plan option that’s right for you:

• Vascular, cancer, and other critical illnesses

• Vascular and other critical illnesses

• Cancer only

• Up to $50,000 paid directly to you or the person you name, not your doctor or hospital, for each covered event…up to $150,000 in total benefits. Pays in addition to any coverage you may have, regardless of what your health insurance policy may cover.

• Get the full benefit amount right away.

• Use the money for any expense from alternative treatments not covered by your current health insurance to mortgage payments or rent.

Here’s an example of how you’re covered at the $50,000 benefit level:

• You have a heart attack $50,000

• You are later diagnosed with cancer $50,000

• You eventually need a transplant $50,000

*Total Benefit: $150,000

The monthly rates make this important coverage easy to obtain, and within your budget.


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