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Protecting Your Most Important Asset…your Health!

We understand the importance of your time and concern for the value of your health-care dollars. Our clients benefit from strong discounts on quality health care coverage made possible when using a vast network of quality health-care providers. Our ultimate goal for every client is to protect your health and secure your future. We want you to secure an insurance plan at a price that fits your needs and budget. With over three decades of experience we will assist you in finding the coverage that you want, at the price you can afford.

Products that we offer:

• Health insurance for individuals

• Health insurance for groups

• Health Insurance for persons under 65 and over 65

• Health insurance for children

• Affordable Care Act Marketplace Insurance Plans [ACA]

• Bridge Major Medical [waiting for Medicare]

• Insurance plans provided by A+ companies

Major Companies that offer:

• Health Savings Accounts [HSA’s]

• Large network of providers

• Low deductibles/ Low or no co-pays

• Initial rate guarantees

• Benefits for a lifetime

• Coverage for your children

• Specialized care that you need

• State to state emergency coverage

• Fast claims processing

• Prescription drug coverage

• Health Reform Ready

• Preventive care and wellness support

• Online tools and support

• Customer service available 24/7 from major companies

• Deductible Credit 


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